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God’s Word Game. God’s Way. Stay Connected. The Vine.

The Word Game
The Word Game

How to play the Word Game? God’s way.
Have you watched the movie titled:

“The Hunger Game”?

Mark 13: 13 (NIV)

All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.

While reading the scripture above, the movie “The Hunger Game”‘ popped in my head. I asked myself.

“Who will last to the end, be saved, based on the word of God”?

1.  Are you going to turn back, to your old ways, when things don’t go the way we want them?
2.  Will you fight God’s battle all the way to the end?

I asked myself the above questions and the only way I could reply; ” I will do my best.”

We Have The Victory:

Victory is already ours! We can win the race, however; we must live by every word that proceeds out the mouth of The Lord. The one word that sums up the Law is Love. Keep this four-letter word to guide you; it will save you from sin as Love heals all things.

Can you look away?

1.  Can you turn the other cheek, and go on and be about our Fathers business Or will you bow down to man?

Seeing what’s  ahead of us will not give a clear view as to what’s around the corner! Will you be about our Father’s business, who Art in Heaven or your brothers, sisters, mothers, friends, girlfriend or boyfriends and anyone else who may have been left out?

The Path gets Rocky at times:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. We’ve all moonwalked backward at times and not realize it.

I’m one! I’m human! You’re human!

We’re all different and in Gods’ eyes, we are all the same, created in His Image.  If we could remember we are all the same, maybe when looking at others like us, we will not question:

“Why they keep doing what they’re doing,”  and only seeing them through the love connection, God’s eyes.

Not what triumphs they’ve had ups and down. We’ve all been through the valley,  can’t see around the corner and we’re all attempting to climb to get to the top of the mountain.  I don’t care if you’re in the swamps right now, one foot in the grave and one on top. When you have Gods word in your spirit, it may seem like years, but during those years the three (God), four (love), (Lord) and five (Jesus) letter words will carry you through, as long as you keep your mind stayed on Him!

The words all mean the same. There’s only one Father and one Love. He loves us unconditional.

What is Love to you?
Do you Love yourself?

If you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places, you’ll never find it. You don’t need to look its right there within you.


God loved us, so He gave His only begotten Son. So we can live an abundant life.


We must lean totally on Him.


Most importantly, stop looking in the wrong places and take a look in the mirror and see the love of life. The gift is you. Gift yourself back by spreading the word of God. Letting people know Jesus is love. He’s a true God. All He wants for us is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

I love you! Do you love me?

I hear yes in your heart. Now, Isn’t God Good?  When you start meditating on His name sparks begin to fly, smiles start to appear, and joy rises in your heart.  I don’t know where I would be without God.

If you don’t have a purpose or meaning, what do you have?  Tell me here